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Hello: Loooking for a titanium high pressure seat retainer for an Atomic T2X regulator. The T2X has a monel HP seat retainer. If you want to convert your T2 to T2X, happy to trade, if you're interested. Please msg me if you have one available. Thank you, O.
Am in need of an older model Chris Christenson Flat Tracker in the 7 ft range. Have been riding this 8' one for years. Just switched over to one of Bryce's fins and fell back in love. slept on a couple posted up recently but would love to know...
Before getting in line for a new custom, thought I'd give it one last shot here. I've heard a few of you lamenting about having too many boards, so thought I might try to offer to solve your problem for you... I'm looking for a Mitsven Magic in...
I d like to find another Dennis Murphy or two of the egg or eggy shortboard variety 6 8 to maybe 7 10 max. I ll be in SD until early December and am happy to drive to pick up the right board. Not concerned about standard dings but would prefer...
Looking for an andreini double enda to buy or trade if that s more interesting. Let me know if anyone has one that their willing to part with. Any condition really. Thanks, Best, Nick
Hi all, I can't quite explain, but this old classic just works for me and is versatile for my uses. I guess I got used to it. 2.5 pairs broke on me (suddenly without warning) and I would like another pair. It seems some of them get brittle and break, others just last. Perhaps storage? Does anyone have a pair in XL they don't need?
Old / broken anything with a small engine in it for high school student project INTRO TO AUTO with Certified Automotive Instructor. if you have a broken Mower or Edger electric or gasoline prefered I will pick it up if you can donate it to our students
Marathon sold out looking for 2 marathon or half marathon race bibs for transfer....immediate need 2/2/20
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